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Monday - June 24, 2024
Phone (847) 581-0303
  • Welcome to Gas Depot Oil Company

    Our History

    Gas Depot has been in the petroleum business for many years with expertise in both retail and wholesale marketing. Our company operates multiple facilities throughout the Chicagoland area under it's own proprietary label - Gas Depot.

    Our wholesale distribution business extends to customers throughout the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

    We are licensed distributors of both branded and unbranded products with a variety of choices that include Marathon, Shell, Citgo, Valero, Clark and Gas Depot.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to remain a leader in the petroleum industry through an ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality products and services at a competitive price, in a timely manner. We value long term relationships and want to be a solid business partner.

    Gas Depot Oil Co.
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    8700 N. Waukegan Rd, Ste 200, Morton Grove, Illinois 60053 Website Marathon Products Shell Business Products Valero Products Citgo Products